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"Fat acceptance"

Smoking never killed anyone.

It’s true. Technically. No one ever took a breath of tobacco and keeled over dead. It was the cancer, the emphysema, the heart disease, the myriad of other ailments that were CAUSED by the smoking that kills people. Same with drinking and driving. No driver ever exploded the moment he took a sip of beer. It was the wreck that resulted from the slowed reflexes and impaired judgment, which, in turn resulted from drinking, that kills them.

Stupid distinctions? Yes indeed. Because the root causes in both situations are clear. That’s why deaths resulting from drinking and driving and smoking-related illnesses are all classified as “preventable death,” just like suicide and overdosing on drugs.

Know what else is classified as preventable death? Know what the #1 most PROMINENT cause of preventable death is? Obesity-related illness. More people die every year from obesity-related illnesses than from every form of drug – be it meth, heroine, crack, steroids, all of them – combined. More people die from it than all forms cancer. And yes, feminists, that does include women dying from breast cancer. More people die from it than AIDS. It steals our sons and daughters, it makes children into orphans and wives into widows. It is the single largest burden on our still-broken healthcare system.

So you’ll have to excuse me if I’m in no rush to support this push to discourage anything that reminds people that yes, obesity is a problem, and no, it’s NOT just superficial one. When did we become a nation of people who have such an overwhelming sense of entitlement that we’d rather demonize people and ideas that promote HEALTH than admit to ourselves the importance of staying within a healthy range of body fat? When did people start deciding that society had more of a responsibility to ensure that people were happy and comfortable with remaining SICK than to encourage them to get HEALTHY?
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