Fate of The Furious


OMG This move

• None of those cars are capable of remote control.

• You’ve got his car stuck with your wenches…why are you not shooting out his tires? For that matter, why are his tires still functional with that much friction?

• ...here's the thing about stealing nuclear launch codes. First of all, you still have to give them to a human being capable of launching the nukes. And no, you can't hack the launch system. It's not networked. To anything. You have to contact someone at a launch station. You have to know HOW to contact someone at a launch station. And even if you DID that?

Guess what?

THE CODES CAN BE CHANGED. Yea. Congratulations, you stole something that's going to be worthless by the time you get back to wherever you're staying.

• How in God’s name is it that he just used an EMP that took out all the electronics in that entire base, and then took out the electronics in a sub that was specially insulated…but the electronics in his car, which the emp device was strapped to are perfectly fine? 

• And speaking of that sub, if they just fried all the electronics in it with an EMP, how are the immediately hacking into it afterwards? Not that they could actually do that even if it was functional but the entire point of the EMP was to take out its electronics. So what are you hacking?!


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