March 1st, 2019

Groups, labels and affiliations.

I deny membership, alliance, affiliation or identification with any and all groups and/or movements of a political, social, or philosophical nature. I will not be defined by a hashtag, nor the words and actions of others. If you wish to know my thoughts, beliefs or feelings on a particularly subject, I will be happy to share them; but I will not self-identify with some label that will over-simplify my range of beliefs, nor will I throw my lot in with any group of people too large for me to know all of its members or adherents. The world of logic, philosophy and social discourse has seen more reasonable, intelligent points and arguments summarily dismissed due to the application of "guilt by association" of the speaker than any other reason. 

I can't stop you from dismissing what I have to say on any subject. But you're not going to do it because of something I do not believe, something I do not condone, something I do not stand for.